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Opening of the Ice Rink at New Holland Island

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Opening of the Ice Rink at New Holland Island

On November 14, the winter Ice Rink will re-open on New Holland Island.

The 2,000-square-foot Ice Rink will still be located near the Main Stage which this time will be turned into a snow-covered winter forest. Guests will be entertained by forest monsters created by the team of the P.T.H. Creative Manufacture, and a terrace with hearths and comfortable chairs, where you can relax without taking off your skates will be set up at the entrance to the ice field.

This year, resident DJs of NHI.FM radio have recorded a special musical accompaniment for the Ice Rink, and the 8 pm sessions every day will have special musical themes — you can skate to classical music hits, famous film soundtracks, romantic songs of the Soviet pop music, fairy tale hymns of classical composers, Brazilian music of the ‘60s, California yacht-rock, retro-futuristic electronics and other bespoke musical selections. On Fridays and Saturdays at 10 pm, a Silent Disco session with music in wireless headphones will be added to the timetable.

Traditional trdelníks, as well as coffee, cocoa and hot tea will be offered at the kiosk on Linden Walk, located near the Bottle House building.

Ticket offices of the Ice Rink will open in the second kiosk on Linden Walk, closer to House 12 building. All tickets, including children’s tickets, can be purchased online this year. Visitors will be able to change in the indoor gallery around the ice field and store their belongings in the storage lockers located in the building with toilets near the Main Stage. You can rent hockey and ice skates from size 25 to 47. The Ice Rink will also offer skating aids for those who are still learning to skate. As in previous years, the Ice Rink is equipped with a cooling system, thanks to which the ice does not melt up to +10 °C, and one-hour breaks between sessions will allow to maintain its quality during the day.

All necessary precautions to avoid the spread of coronavirus infection will be introduced and maintained.

As in previous years, for all visitors to the Ice Rink there is a bonus system, thanks to which guests will be able to use special offers and discounts from the residents of New Holland Island. Leaflets with special offers can be collected at the Ice Rink on the way out.

In addition to the ice rink, at the beginning of winter Cococouture, a fine dining project by Matilda Shnurova and Igor Grishechkin will open on the island and will be located in the corner House 12 building overlooking Truda Square. The Bottle House will also update the list of its gastronomic residents: Italian, Indian, Chinese and Hawaiian projects will be opening here soon.

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