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Opening of the Ice Rink at New Holland Island

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Opening of the Ice Rink at New Holland Island

On November 13, a winter Ice Rink will open on New Holland Island. The ice field of 2,000 m2, as in previous years, will be located on the site of the large lawn near the main stage.

This year, the design team of New Holland Island took the images of Soviet porcelain figurines as a basis for the Ice Rink’s decorative design — figure skaters and ice skaters on spinning mobiles will adorn the wooden stage of the Island, as well as all posters dedicated to the main winter attraction. Fire hearths and comfortable chairs will be placed at the entrance to the Ice Rink, so that the visitors could take a break without having to take their skates off.

Traditionally, music from the Island’s own radio station NHI.FM will be playing on the Ice Rink during the day. Special music sessions compiled by NHI.FM’s resident DJ Timofey will take place in the evening on weekdays: from festive film soundtracks to Italo disco and swing. On Fridays and Saturdays Silent Disco sessions will be held, where music will be played in headphones to make sure the Island’s neighbours are not disturbed.

This season, one of kiosks on the Linden Walk, located closer to the Bottle House building, will turn into a real Pie shop, which will be launched by the founders of the Georgian café Dzamiko. Belyashi with meat and pies with cabbage or cherries will be baked on the spot, served with hot broth, spicy punch, tea or coffee. Puffy curd rings will be offered for dessert. The kiosk will be open daily, from 10 am to 10 pm.

Traditionally, the ticket office of the Ice Rink will open in the second kiosk along the Linen Walk, closer to the House 12 building. All tickets, including children’s tickets and concessions, this year will be available online. Visitors will be able to get changed in the gallery located around the ice field, personal belongings can be stored in the main locker room which will be located in the block with toilets near the Main stage. It will also be possible to rent hockey and figure skates from the 25th to the 47th size. Those who do not feel too confident in their skating abilities can use one of the skater’s aids. The Ice Rink will be equipped with a cooling system which doesn’t allow the ice to melt in the temperature up to +10 C degrees while hourly service breaks between skating sessions will allow to maintain its quality during the day. All necessary precautions to avoid the spread of coronavirus infection will be strictly followed.

A ticket to the Ice Rink will also offer visitors an opportunity to take advantage of various bonuses and discounts from the residents of New Holland Island. Booklets with special offers can be picked up at the exit from the Ice rink.

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