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New residents of New Holland Island

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New residents of New Holland Island

Five new restaurant projects opened at New Holland Island in December.

The first gastronomic opening of this winter was the long-awaited fine-dining project of Matilda Shnurova and Igor Grishechkin Cococouture, The elegant halls of Cococouture are located in the corner of House 12 and resemble the Cathedral of St. Sophia in Novgorod: the illuminated vaults of carefully restored and gilded masonry from the 19th century solemnly glow at the eight-meter height and heavy oak frames of the bay windows open into the new postcard view of Truda Square and the Nicholas Palace.

At Cococouture, the long-term chef of Cococo Igor Grischechkin continues to develop ideas of haute cuisine with a Russian twist, combining traditional local ingredients, nostalgic concepts and modern culinary technologies in his recipes. The menu consists of two sets — a small one offering 10 courses and a large one with 15 courses; the composition of both will be updated three times a year. Each dish requires scrupulous work from Igor Grischechkin and his team, they painstakingly develop each aspect of the dishing and the service that play an important part in this gastronomic theatre performance.

Equally stellar duo has recently moved into the Bottle House: Dmitry Blinov and Renat Malikov from the famous Duoband restaurant team, launched Oggi Bistro. Pasta, carpaccio, tartare, pâtés and other modern Italian dishes in the interpretation of the Russian chefs are prepared in an open kitchen.

Another opening at the Bottle House is the Hagao bistro. It is an affordable cafe with Chinese cuisine from Bronka Restaurant Group that also includes Buddha-Bar, Hunt, Il Lago and many others. The menu includes dim sum, noodles, crispy eggplant and other classic dishes of the Celestial Empire.

There is also a debut among the professional teams — a café by gastronomic enthusiast and architect Innokenty Padalko from the architectural bureau ArchAttacka. Island Poke & Bowls will offer California bowls and Hawaiian poke bowls with tuna, avocado, prawn, tofu and a variety of dressings to choose from.

A little later in the year, a contemporary Indian food café Zita & Gita @zitagita.spb from Anton Kuperov and Jimmy Singh, a team well known to St. Petersburg public for its projects Indisko and Apteka, will start its work. The café’s menu is based on the farmers’ culinary traditions of the northern regions of India. Here you will find some authentic bestsellers and a modern take on the Indian cuisine. Most of the dishes are cooked in a tandoor which is deliberately placed in the main hall of the café.

The Bottle House will also launch a new website where you will find detailed information about its projects, news and special offers from its residents. To find out more, please visit bottlehouse.ru.

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