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Summer Program of Events for New Holland Island

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Summer Program of Events for New Holland Island

In June 2017, Summer on New Holland will launch its fifth straight edition, marking the first full summer season in the newly renovated spaces of the island. New Holland first opened to a wider public in 2011. Since that time, the island has received more than 1.5 million visitors. In August 2016, the first phase of reconstruction came to completion, with the reshaping of the park area and the debut of revamped historical buildings, the Foundry and the Commandant’s House, as well as a suite of temporary pavilions and other structures.

This year, visitors to the island will be greeted by a sizable program of events, in keeping with past editions in its primary focus on music, film, art, education, sports and activities for children. Over the course of four months, the park will host more than 400 events of various formats and scales, from regular classes and activities, to grand-scale concerts and festivals.

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