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In December 2010, New Holland Development (NHD), an affiliate of Millhouse, LLC, won the tender for the restoration and renovation of the territory of New Holland Island, with a proposal to create a mixed-use complex which would become one of the most important points on the map of Saint Petersburg and Russia.

To help determine the creative direction of development, NHD turned to the IRIS Foundation for the support and advancement of contemporary culture and art. IRIS was tasked with identifying the most significant cultural and social anchors, as well as rounding up the most outstanding creative minds from around the globe to contribute to the project.


The Baltic Engineering Company, founded in Saint Petersburg in 2002, specializes in providing services for the implementation of large scale investment projects, and is the main contractor for the restoration work being undertaken at New Holland.


AECOM is an international engineering company providing services in the fields of design and planning, project management, and engineering solutions. Active on the Russian market for over 20 years, AECOM is the technical purchaser for the restoration works at New Holland, as well as providing technical supervision services


Georekonstruktsia brings together Saint Petersburg’s leading geotechnical specialists with a team of design engineers boasting over four decades of experience in industrial and civil construction engineering. Founded in 1992, the company is the chief design engineer for the restoration work being undertaken at New Holland.

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