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Artworks, installations and exhibitions at New Holland Island

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Artworks, installations and exhibitions at New Holland Island

This summer, temporary artworks and installations by contemporary artists will once again be on display at New Holland Island.

For this season, all the works featured will be devoted to the theme of humanity’s relationship with the world around us, our influence on nature and the future of our planet.

52 huge snails crafted from recycled plastic by the Cracking Art international art-collective will be attacking the Commandant’s House, mechanical swans and woodpeckers created by the Berlin-based media-artist Marco Barotti will be on hand to remind us about our influence on living nature, while a neon installation from the American artist Alicia Eggert will make us ponder on our place in the world.

The island’s inner basin will be populated this year by sculptures reminiscent of the giant leaves of the rare and unique tropical lily Victoria amazonica, which were often used as exotic decorations by botanical gardens during the 19th century.

In the New Holland Island Pavilion, an exhibition will be held showcasing the work of the finalists of the 7th Nova Art competition for young artists. The entries are all united by the theme “’This is just the beginning’, or Virtual Genius”, with the artists tasked with exploring the theme of the relationship between humanity and a new world.

Detailed information on each project can be found in the additional materials accompanying this press release.

June 4 — October 31 Alicia Eggert You are (on) an island

June Cracking Art

August 1–4 Marco Barotti The Woodpeckers

August 1–30 Marco Barotti The Swans

June 1 — September 30 Victoria Amazonica

June 28 — July 21 Exhibition of works by the finalists of the 7th Nova Art competition

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